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April 23, 2014

WARNING KB Homes (KBH) HuttoParke Community Near Austin Texas

So I ran across this article concerning property values diminishing in the Hutto Parke area and couldn’t help but notice that KB Homes is currently building in that area. This article outlines how homeowners didn’t have a choice but to go to the news to address their issues with the lack of response from Lennar home builder. The homeowners complained of major problems with their homes such as sheetrock cracking, foundation shifting, and driveways cracking. This took place in the HuttoParke subdivision which looks to be in the same arena as the HuttoParke homes that KB Homes is building.

As a KB Homes homeowner myself, I cannot recommend nor suggest that anyone purchase a KB Homes home nor their stock. It is very concerning to me and other homeowners to see major issues such as these that go on for so long without resolution. So much so that homeowners are forced to go to their local news agencies to try and get some resolve with the matters. Although this instance did not involve KB Homes (not that we are aware of), numerous KB Homes homeowners have run to the media to get any sort of help that they could provide, even if it diminished their property value in the meanwhile. You see, homeowners can only take so much until they feel that others would benefit from hearing their problems and knowing what to look for in a builder. Wouldn’t you want to know about the problems in a specific neighborhood or with a specific builder, especially if you were in the market for a new home? How many times should homeowners have to call KB Customer Service to file a warranty complaint only to end up with no resolution? After all, one of KB Homes best-selling points to their customers is their 10 year warranty but if so many customers are having such a hard time holding KB to their word then how could any of them ever recommend or suggest others to buy a KB Home or KBH stock?

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One Response to “WARNING KB Homes (KBH) HuttoParke Community Near Austin Texas”
  1. Rebecca Rinker says:

    My daughter is currently building a home near Austin, Texas. She is having all kinds of problems getting the subcontractors to do basic construction correctly. She has gone on site everyday and discovered lots of problems and has had to fight with KB’s builders to get any information at all. I can’t run down how many construction issues, there have been so many! 1800 dollars for untaped tyvek? One nail in each end of the studs? 24″ on center framing? Sheesh! They don’t even seem to really know what they are doing. Thank God her father comes from a construction background and know what should be done. If you are thinking about purchasing a KB home be prepared to watch their every move or you will get shoddy workmanship. You will have to fight for everything!

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