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April 20, 2014

MONROE, N.C – Homeowner ‘Gets McGinty’ for cracking floor [ KB Homes ]

KB Homes North Carolina

MONROE, N.C. — A family in Monroe says their house is cracked. Literally!

From the outside, it looks great, but inside, not so much. Patrice Commodore, the home’s owner says, “The engineer believes the crack is still active. And the crack runs all the way down the exterior wall and it exits the house that way.”

How would you feel if you spent $260,000 for your house and then found this cracked slab underneath?  It’s not a hairline crack. It’s a quart-inch wide. It’s deep, and it’s growing.
Patrice commodore is eight years into her KB Home, and in year seven, decided it was time to upgrade some of the flooring. When they pulled the carpet and linoleum back, they saw this huge crack running across the house and panicked.

KB came out to investigate, and even hired engineers to examine and study the foundation in December 2012, but ultimately KB Homes said to her that the “cracking was merely cosmetic caused by concrete shrinkage” and therefore, wasn’t covered by any warranty.  As a gesture of goodwill, letters KB Homes sent say they offered to fill the cracks. The Commodores worried that wouldn’t be enough.

Patrice says she is the first owner and, “We thought we were buying a new home with no defects.”
The Commodores hired a lawyer and said they wanted a buyout, fearing their home’s foundation would someday fail.  But this summer, the KB lawyer wrote them saying the builder was no longer “interested in performing repairs” and offered a flat 500 bucks to just go away.

Patrice told the NBC Charlotte I-Team, “You have to sign a waiver in order to get the $500, and the waiver basically says you cannot sue us.”

NBC Charlotte asked, “How does that sit with you?”

Patrice responded, “Not well at all.  Very, very disappointed.”

The KB homes lawyer even wrote in an email, “We have nothing to indicate that the structural integrity… is compromised.”

The I-Team found that odd given the KB Homes engineering report we told you about, the one done seven months earlier by KB saying “near surface soils were not adequately compacted and have been compromised…,” which means, the dirt under the house is loose.

We asked Patrice, “Is it product or customer service?”

She replied, “It’s product and customer service! I’m in business for myself, things happen. But it’s not about things happening, it’s about how you go and fix it.”

After NBC Charlotte called KB Homes, they sent inspectors back out to the Commodore home again.  The builder has now offered to make extensive repairs to the cracks and will even excavate under the home to remove loose soil and replace it with concrete, and they are asking for patience from the Commodore family.

KB Homes issued this statement to NBC Charlotte about the Commodore home:

“KB home is currently working with Mrs. Commodore to address her concerns.  We were recently provided new information pertaining to Mrs. Commodore’s claim, and kb home has revisited her home and an engineer has conducted an additional inspection.  We have offered Mrs. Commodore full repairs according to the engineer’s recommendation and appreciate her continued patience as we move forward with the repairs.”–220952511.html

12 Responses to “MONROE, N.C – Homeowner ‘Gets McGinty’ for cracking floor [ KB Homes ]”
  1. Janine Voros says:

    KB Homes built something very wrong with the floors in my house upstairs and I was told it would only be Fixed if I allow them to completely cut up my carpet and have big seams going through the carpet in each room upstairs. This was of course after I spend countless hours emptying out every closet in every item from each room. Of course KB Homes said they highly recommend I leave it alone and I did. of course now the floor boards are so separated it sounds like you’re going to fall through the floor when you walk across the room. Over the years I managed to get over that but what I cannot get over is the problem that we had when they incorrectly put together the over fills for the bathtub and showers. They came out 3 times to fix it. The last time they cut a huge square in my ceiling downstairs to fix it. They left a full of water which created lots of mold. The last time I called them they denied ever being out here fixing any of it. They said they did not show any work orders from when they came out. so if they have no order I must be making it up.LOL. Funny how we have the same issue with many other CommonCommons homes

  2. Janine Voros says:

    Guess where Cooper Commons, KB Homes dump their trash after they build your home?
    Hey just in your backyard that’s okay though they cover it with a thin layer of dirt. You just cannot plant very much it won’t grow with bunch of huge cement chunks ,nails , and many other various materials to name. it is a hit or miss when you go to plant. Just gotta hope you get lucky and find a spot that doesn’t have a bunch of debris.

    • admin says:

      Have you considered sending this information to the EPA?

      • Janine says:

        Nothing sent to EPA yet but have considered the State Attorney General. Thus far I have spoken to our own attorney , however he is not the correct attorney for this but is investigating for us anyway and getting us in contact with another. I thought the EPA was more for environmental issues. I never really considered them for this. I will need to consider doing so. Thank you

  3. Janine Voros says:

    I have lots of videos of my home being built out of code by the wonderful KB home builder.
    I especially like the one where they use a nail gun to connect two boards together Going all the way down the wall but do not connect to the board or wall on the other side. Didn’t just happen once but a few times and that is just the timeds I video’d.

    • admin says:

      I would love to see your videos and pictures, could you please send them so that I can post them on my website to help warn others?

      • Janine says:

        Unfortunately I cannot yet. I do have them on a DVD and some on video memory chip and some video we made when they were not aware of us recording . Due to us beginning a lawsuit I will not be able to post them yet but if I find that I can I definitely will asap.

  4. Walter says:

    We bought our home almost 9 yrs. ago and there are some issues with our down stairs hard wood floors. It appears to be some moisture problems along the edges of the base boards in two different locations. Also, we have a drainage problem upstairs in the master bath room shower. The drainage leaks downstairs through the ceiling next to the light fixture in the living room. Lastly our electric fireplace continues to make a clicking sound while on. To viewers that are reading this, has any one experience this. And if so what was your outcome.

    • Janine says:

      Our issues with our floor boards are the actual boards under the carpet they put in. In order for KB to fix it for us they said they would need to cut our carpet in several pieces and have seems running along the carpet everywhere upstairs. I told them “No Thanks”. Sounds like your master bath leak upstairs going to your down stairs coming through the ceiling is the same issue we have. KB told us it has to do with the over flow not installed properly in the tubs in all the KB homes in our area. They fixed it once several years ago but did not last. Now they deny ever fixing it at all for us at any time and that we never had a problem and acted as if they had never been out here for this. They lost all their records on all the times they have been out here and therefore if they have no record they think that solves all problems for them and that they do not have to fix it again. They have a rude awakening coming to them. Luckily we have several witnesses of this and them being here and also that other people in our same area had the same exact issue with the overflows in upstairs baths. I have heard that the state of Florida is where KB has had most complaints What state are you in? I hope you were able to get KB to resolve your issues.

  5. Janine says:

    I WILL post my VIDEOS and pics ASAP
    KB Homes needs to be exposed.

  6. Janine says:

    Yes,, you are correct. The EPA should be contacted for dumping their trash in my yard and layering dirt over it to hide it. They dumped rows on nails and chunks of cement. I am not sure if you know what the nails look like that go into a huge nail gun, but they are on this like long row attached together on a long strip. They left several of those in the yard. We found a ton of crap when we went to plant a tree’s and flowers etc. MoonValley Nursery even found crap when we hired them to plant citrus tree’s for us. Its Crazy.

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