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April 24, 2014

KB Home Reviews

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Subcontractors beware

Feb 13, 2014 by Ted Diepstraten

If you are contractor working for KB Homes be very aware that they will ask you to be self insured for 10,000.00 in case of a defect suit.
KB supplies the specs. They tell you what products to use even if you know you should be using different products, because they are more concerned with rebates and kickbacks they get from their suppliers. Now a defect suit was in place for their orchestration of a disaster and we have to write them a check for 10,000.00.
We signed the contract with them in 2008 when the first part of this recession started. There was no work so we felt we were pressured and signed it under undue duress.
Please, please to not buy their homes. you will not be happy and you are not getting back at KB homes when you file a suit, but rather you are only making the subcontractor pay what KB told us to do.

Living with a Cracking Home

Nov 20, 2013 by Nikki Gonzales

I bought my KB home in 2000. I had not yet learned how disappointing it was going to be. I thought I was making an investment. I went away one weekend and came back to find my entire living room ceiling cracked and hanging. The ceiling was cracked all the way down the hall. Cracks on walls. Cracks everywhere. A roof trust had snapped. Within a week I heard another giant snap. The tile floor had cracked. A big line from one side of the house to the other. My house has a condition called center lift. A structual defect that could be avoided if the builder would have just added $60 more of cement to the foundation as the structual engineer who evaluated the problem said. And there is really no way to guarantee a fix for this. The house is set on adobe clay, it contracts with the moisture and so it is constantly moving. If the foundation was thick enough it would be able to with stand the movement. But no, the builder was too cheap. So every year I deal with either planing the doors because the house shifts the door frame. Or adjusting the door nobs so that the door will actually stay closed. I just replaced the ceiling that had cracked and guess what...its cracking all over again. I live in a broke down palace. I'm embarrased to have people over to see that I live in a dump. Is there any help for this? The house was built in 1979 and I bought it in 2000. I'm the 3rd owner. So no new home warranty. I did some research and found all the houses in my neighborhood have the same problem. I went down to county and found that many were involved in a law suit at one time and those that were have to that the clause "As-IS" in their title. Nice investment. These houses will never be worth more that rental property and there is no use putting money into them to make them look nice. They will just be cracked within a year.

Run as FAST as you can rated one because No zero

Oct 27, 2013 by Helen

WOW!! What a horrible experience. My husband and I are first time buyers. We changed lots 3 times the sales lady didn't know if they could build there if house fit etc. Finally
we got one and the house went up so fast. Long story short with fax thIs fax that stuff Nationstar the lender denied the loan 8 months later. They could have told us that 5 months before. They wanted us to go with another lender we decided to cancel. So very happy we did The Reviews speak for themselves. These people are crooks! I'm glad it was 8 months and not 20 yrs. Stay away from KB HOMES!

Getting Earnest Money Back

Sep 13, 2013 by Carlos A.

How can I get my $6700 back from KB Homes after they and the lender try to shove a high mortgage payment at us right before closing? It went from $1959 to $2700. Now the are telling me that I cannot get it back cause I refused to sign the loan they are giving us. When it was already discussed that we wanted to stay under $2k...from the start it was made known we couldnt afford more than 2k, and now after 4 months they tell us the builder is rushing to build and we have to settle with $2700 or give up the house.

Shoddy workmanship

Sep 07, 2013 by Pat

kb homes are shoddy builders. They employ salespeople who lie their head off to get a sale. Their after service sucks. No one shows up to do the work. They use cheap, cheap materials that don't hold up. The above stove microwave quit as soon as the warranty expired. I had to replace all the rollers on,the garage door as the wrong size had been installed. There should have been two springs installed instead of of one. Lighting in the bathrooms suck. Three light fixtures have fallen out of the ceiling. The house is out of warranty. So, they fixed the first two light fixtures that fell, but refused to do,the third. To top it off a major road has been constructed from what was a small lane when I moved in 4 years ago at the bottom of my yard. Oh, also the patio has a crack all the way across.
I would not recommend KB homes to anyone.

We got 'Pretty Woman' treatment

Aug 22, 2013 by Amanda

My email to the KB Home Sales consultant.

Hi Carolina,

Thank you for following up. We were able to visit the Stapleton KB Sales Center yesterday. I apologize, I do not remember the name of sales associate (man) we spoke to, but to convey the feeling we took away from our visit, I must reference the shopping scene quote from the movie, 'Pretty Woman', "I don’t think we have anything for you, you’re obviously in the wrong place, please leave.".

I had my pre-approval letter with me, and now realize that the pre-approval for $320,000 may not be sufficient for the Sunflower model home, however I do believe there would still be options for us to purchase within this community.

Upon arrival, we were greeted, but never welcomed. All the information we learned about the KB home buying/designing process, was received after my boyfriend and I asked countless questions. My ideal home buying scenario would be opposite to our experience and would include a sales associate that is eager to supply the necessary information for us to make the correct/smart decision. I am extremely disappointed with this whole situation as my boyfriend and I were very excited about this possibility, and now feel our option of KB Homeownership is not a possibility.

As I know I will share this experience with others and online, please feel free to share this feedback with the necessary parties to ensure others do not experience the same sort of feeling upon visiting this KB Sales Center.



Aug 14, 2013 by Jill Saunderson

The warranty department is worthless. We filed a 10 day warranty claim and are now being asked to submit a 30 day warranty claim. The problem is our 10 day claim has not been resolved. The contractors do not bother to show up to fix the issues. KB Homes does not seem concerned. They just keep rescheduling and the contractors continue to skip the appointments. Once you have closed on a new home, KB Homes could care less in getting things corrected. What a scam. Don't fall for it!


Aug 13, 2013 by Peg C

Anyone who I know who own a KB home has had continueing problems.

Desaster builder

Aug 04, 2013 by Genoveva Ilie

What a crap builder KB home is. My house had plenty of problems, still have plenty since 2008. Dont buy KB please!! So many good builders out there,avoid the crap KB. DONT BUY,PLEASE!

Use caution when buying a home from KB Homes

Jul 29, 2013 by KL

The KB Homes customer service after the home closed has been horrible. The front of our home has sloppy masonery and we requsted when we closed to have the bricks fixed. Bricks have been falling off the house and KB customer serivce is now saying that it is our contractor causing the bricks to fall off. The problem with that is that they were falling off long before our contractor starting working on the yard. Bricks are falling off in areas that our yard contractor has not even touched. The customer service rep even said that the old brick vendor was so horrible that they now use a new vendor and that our bricks were the "look" of that time. What???? If you know you are selling a crap product and a customer requests to have a known issue fixed, why wouldn't you just fix the issue? A second issue was that one window would not stay up, so the window contractor came out to fix it. After three visits from the window company, three separate days off from work, our window frame had scratches, the drape broke from the contractor throwing the window around, and two additional windows were in worse shape from the window contractor trying to research why the original window was falling. The metal frame support fell off the window when shutting the window after the contractor left and had said the window was fixed. We sent photos to KB and asked that someone from KB monitor the visits since the service was so bad. No response from KB to our request and they never offered to fix our the drape the vendor broke. Every time we tried to report to KB Homes the windows were worse, we would receive a canned letter from KB Homes saying that our customer service rep has signed off on the work and that it was completed to our satisfaction. After four visits, the windows are still in bad shape. Now it is hard to lock all of them. We also had to re-paint the window and wall around the window to patch the scratches. The fireplace did not work, and the air conditioner has had issues. It took a few contractor visits before those items were fixed. Our water pressure in the kitchen is so low that you cannot wash a dish. KB Homes has said that is normal water pressure. Our carpet was cut short along the walls and you can see to the floor inbetween the carpet and walls. If you buy a KB Home, just plan on having a lot of extra money to fix everything in the years following your closing.

KB Home 310-231-4000 10990 Wilshire Boulevard #5 Los Angeles CA, 90024 USA 1.0 2.0 24 24 If you are contractor working for KB Homes be very aware that they will ask you to be self insured for 10,000.00 in case of a defect suit.KB supplies the specs. They tell you wha

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