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April 20, 2014

KB Home [Evidence of deceptive sales & unethical business practices]

Evidence KB Home wrong Doing

Where was Manatee County?

We believe that these documents show without a doubt, evidence of deceptive sales and expose the unethical business practices of KB Home.  We have to further question how Manatee County Inspectors passed inspections on homes without the adequate hurricane strapping and why didn’t the county inspectors catch the serious issues being reported by the whistleblower?


Willowbrook Strapping Issues


The above photo was taken on 06/24/13 in Willowbrook

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Manatee County officials have had no issues reminding us that they have sovereign immunity and claim that this is largely a public matter. Seriously?

Manatee County gave out SHIP loans to some of the residents of Willowbrook and the program requires that the homes be safe, healthy, and to code.  The stipulations of my loan require my home to be my primary residence and if it is not I have to pay my loan back in full.  This loan is forcing residents to live in moldy and unsafe homes.

Further, every building that has been opened to date appears to have had issues with missing or improperly installed hurricane strapping / hurri-bolt systems and we have VERY questionable insurance coverage.  If our homes get hit by a hurricane will Manatee County not expect to get their SHIPP loan paid back? How is this not a concern?

Manatee County hasn’t fined or punished KB Home for what they have done and allows them to continue to building homes in Manatee County.  These loans have to be paid back (mine at least) and they are going to force homeowners to walk away from their homes. This SHIPP loan has been a disaster for me as it has also made it impossible for me to refinance my home. Who wants to pay for a home that is both moldy, unsafe, and nearly worthless?  In my opinion, Manatee County should release the homeowners of their SHIPP loans and they should demand KB Home to refund the money.

Is there any protection in the State of Florida for Homeowners?

I think its time that the state opens an investigation into the wrong doings of Manatee County and its time that government officials hold KB Home accountable for their actions.  This content has been submitted to the Attorney General, Manatee County Officials, Governor Rick Scott, Senator Bill Galvano, and the folks in charge of the Florida Housing Program.  It has been nearly a year and KB Home has been allowed to continue building and Manatee County has continually managed to duck and dodge any accountability.  Is there any protection in the State of Florida for Homeowners?



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