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April 22, 2014

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Opens An Investigation Into KB Homes

KB Homes - Contact Attorney General Pam Bondi

Note from admin: Please use our form If you would like to file a complaint with the Florida Attorney General.  This form will e-mail a copy of the complaint to the Florida Attorney General (Pam Bondi) and the head investigator.

Bradenton, Florida — Following an investigation by 10 News and state regulators, Florida’s Attorney General is getting involved in the KB Home mess at Bradenton’s Willowbrook Townhomes.

Pam Bondi’s office confirms it has opened an investigation into the crumbling condos at Willowbrook, as well as elsewhere around the state.

Several legislators have previously pleaded with the AG’s office to get involved on behalf of homeowners, but because the Department of Business & Professional Regulation was handling the complaints, the Attorney General was hands-off.

However, the 10 News Investigators have now learned Bondi’s office has begun interviews and is reviewing documents to see if KB Home broke any laws.

Last week, KB filed suit against 41 original sub-contractors at the Willowbrook complex, pointing a finger at them for the shoddy work.


4 Responses to “Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Opens An Investigation Into KB Homes”
  1. Dan says:

    FINALLY!!! AND we just found out about a 15th KB Home neighborhood having problems in the Tampa Bay area. This has got to stop, they need to be thrown out of Florida (for starters). I’m glad she finally got involved. Next order of business….why is Dueall still working in Willowbrook?!?!?!

  2. Sally Urbaniak says:

    Thank goodness maybe there will begin to be some accountability and justice so NO homeowner has to suffer like this again. After what has continued to happen in Willowbrook for years and now obviously happening in countless other KB Home built communities—lets see how KB Home tries to deny their way out of this one.
    Thank you DPBR and Thank you Attorney General’s office for investigating these corrupt business practices which have turned homeowners lives upside down causing unending stress, health issues, substantial monetary loss, and overall misery.
    My faith is starting to be restored in our govt. agencies there to protect citizens and consumers from corrupt big business. And Thank you to the news media who have seen through the lies and reported fairly and factually. KB Home should not be allowed to build in Florida or anywhere else for that matter—-15 plus (and counting) subdivisions they built are suffering non-stop all due to KB Home’s business practices. I cannot image how far spread nationwide this goes but lets start in Florida and get rid of business like this that literally put homeowners in harm’s way.

  3. Ashley Delph says:

    The call from Tim, the investigator with the Attorney Generals office could not have come at a better time yesterday. It was our worst day so far through this whole process. I was sitting the the walmart parking lot while Haley my 1 1/2 year old took a nap because she couldn’t nap at home due to the construction on her room. I was basically in tears because I feel so helpless in this situation. I spoke with Mr. Blvens for 30 minutes and he could not believe what we are dealing with. I can only PRAY that the Attorney General can help us. Someone has to get us out of this hell we are living in. Families lives are being torn apart, all of our health is on the line and our 1st home that we were so excited about it worth NOTHING. How is this right? IT IS NOT! KB needs to buy back our homes!

  4. Sandra Lopez says:

    I volunteer to participate in the Iraqi Freedom War to save money for a good down payment for my townhouse. As a veteran I thought that I was living the American dream by purchasing a home. I never thought that this decision would turn into my worst nightmare. I believed that by buying a new townhouse I was going to avoid buying a lemon. Was I mistaken. I just pray to God that KB homes pays for the damage that it has done to us customers. I want my money back and start my life over again. To buy another property not built by KB Homes.

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